About AIJ

Artificial Intelligence for Justice Lab (AIJ) at iSchool dedicated to human-centered data science with two main missions, research and teaching.


AIJ focuses its efforts to undertake new frontier research that tackles important questions at the leading edge of computational social science. AIJ applies the big data technics to the following research fields:

  • Intimate partner violence/dating violence
  • Sexual assault/violence, rape
  • School bullying
  • Health Information Communication (COVID-19)
  • Data mining
  • App/mobile design
  • Information communication technology


At a time when there is an ongoing public discussion about the responsible use of big data, the Big Data for Social Justice Lab inspires students to reflect on how big data can be used to promote social justice in innovative ways. The Lab offers Big Data and Data Science courses:

  • Statistics
  • Ethics, Vulnerable Population and Information Technology
  • Research Methods